Listening to that Treasury of Roses

The uses of a carpet of roses chatting to you – the Treasury of Roses

On a day when the world’s more horrendous and foul trash cans begin to spill out around me, smelling of heartlessness, bloodied by ruthlessness, I sometimes take cover under a carpet of roses, and listening to their silence begins the mystery of my healing.

Roses both old and new can do this trick! The Treasury of Roses I discovered recently in the rose garden in Hyderabad’s Public Gardens came to my aid as I began to shudder over the unending army of statues that turn up in each and every corner of this blisteringly hot City!

Statues to me are a depressing reality. How sad, glum, boring and bored, unnecessary and unhelpful they seem! Even that statue of Queen Victoria in Bangalore used to unnerve me, as if she knew something not very nice about me!

The very worst of all possible statues is that Statue of Unity, built at a cost of 3000 crores of rupees, while farmers in India are dying every day of poverty, hunger, despair and dread. Very small girls in Government run homes are being abused all over the country! That money could be used for improving those homes and their caretakers. The actual needs are limitless, while that statue, frozen in time, soaked up all the money and stands there as a rock of ridiculous waste.

So a spell under that Treasury of Roses took me away from the hard hopeless realities of Governmental miseries and messes, and sneaked into small, easily repaired inner concerns. Like for example, instead of watching Dirty John on Netflix, (yet another true story about a rodent!) wasn’t it better to sniff up roses and realize that even tired, old roses look stunning? Or why not watch one of the many award winning movies in Netflix? Or walk a mile or more in this sunny City and get my Vitamin D? Instead of mourning the drying up raat ki rani, why not just go out and buy another one? 

As more and more treasures seeped out of that sea of roses, the mind blossomed with the reality that so often happiness is just that small switch inside us, deep down below the ghastly well of worries, waiting to be pressed!

So the treasury of roses helps to deal with this and other hopeless matters, 

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