Hyderabad’s Red Roses speak up for it!

When you arrive to live in a new city, where the sun beats down on everything like a Taliban ghoul, it is difficult to be cheerful at first.

If you have just left a cucumber cool place like Bangalore, for this new very hot place that can boil away like a roadside eatery frying up tasty, deathly puris, pakoras and other fried snacks, things could get very glum!

Then you encounter this City’s awesome rose garden with its millions of roses and the red ones begin to speak in favor of their homeland.

They shine like fresh red tomatoes and somehow remind you how much they love the sun to flourish and flower. Then you notice that your small biscuit colored cat with that tiny red wound on her left side which was taking forever to heal as she hid inside cupboards and never came out to greet the sun was doing the opposite thing here! 

She was always out on the sunny spots sharing the warmth with the other cats daily.

She  no longer made me feel the horrid guilt of hiding the family’s dark secret when she vanished under linen sheets, silk dresses, cotton skirts and blouses and only scuttled out for food with that blood red gash on her fur!

The Hyderabad sun was on the side of this slowly healing Mishti, those red roses reminded me and urged me to give their city a break! 

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