When Yellow Roses turn into Astrologers!

Yellow Roses sometimes turn into lying astrologers

It is easy to shrug off roses as useless ornamentation since they are the world’s biggest cliché. But if we observe them and give them the attention we should, we could find out that they are our best free psychiatrists.

Yellow roses for example, those scintillating yellow gold ones, the ones that rob the sun’s most expensive yellow paint, are the ones that are always telling us that it will be a stupendous day even if they are lying through their teeth! And what can you do to lying yellow roses? Nothing! Since there is no way to discover where yellow roses hide their teeth through which they lie!

Instead you tend to believe their lies, despite water levels dropping frighteningly in ten major cities of India, the horrendous news or hopefully gossip, that the BJP government is planning to make 100 rupee coins, 200 rupee coins and even1000 rupee coins!


So you realize it is better to trust those yellow roses turned into lying astrologers when they shine and forecast  a joyous day, and then somehow or the other, turn it into one ourselves!

By perhaps repairing  the leaking toilet box, switching off all the lights, letting the sun be the brightener for the day and praying that the raat ki rani brought from the old house, has finally decided to start flowering again!

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