Attending the Hyderabad Rose Class!

It is all too easy to turn

One hour in your day into

The Rose Class for calming

If you live in Hyderabad

Where the sun has often

Killed people with its heat

So blistering, but it is very

Kind to roses as they grow

And thrive and shimmer in

The public garden where

Citizens gather from six to

Eight every morning to sit

Around a large and stunning

Bowl carpeted with just roses

Of each and every colour and

Size, to handle all our issues!

The red ones just stamp on

Your distress to make it go

Away somewhere else while

Yellow roses painted by the

Sun itself, warm your cold

And clammy worries like a

Baker baking short bread &

Chocolate cake: then there

Is the lavender rose company 

Of clarity and cultured class

Who make you believe for one

Hour that you are the Chief

Of just everything that matters!

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