Cat-gardening Chronicles: my date with the Spider Plant & the new neighbours

Cat-gardening Chronicles: dating the Spider Plant & meeting the new neighbours

To find ourselves in a new home, in a new city, Hyderabad, which is hotter than our old one, can be traumatic. Then there was that scary waiting time in a cattery, before we were all flown to our new home. The first two days were ghastly and we hid in as many places as we could find, causing stress all over the place, dripping our own dread upon everyone!

Then the calm came. Our household goods arrived safely, and I decided to date the Spider Plant for almost the whole day, while I got to know my surroundings. All the plants arrived safely and got a sunny, large, lovely roof to sit on and the only plant that had suffered the trip was the top favourite one – the raat ki rani, or the Night Queen which flowers and dazzles the night with its magical scent! It had been gently pulled out of its pot to be put in a smaller one and was now grumbling by deciding to faint.

It has been talked to, watered tenderly and put inside its new pot but it is still deciding whether to forgive us or not! In the meantime we met the best neighbors on the roof –

new neighbour

they look like they can be trusted not to gossip or to steal our catnip, which is a relief.

Then the gardener among us who does the least amount of work and watches too much Netflix went to visit the rose garden in the Public Gardens, Hyderabad and was stunned. There were thousands of roses there, of every color, scent and design – including an unusual family of lavender ones that caught at her heart and would not let go.

So though we have moved to one of the hottest cities in India, we discovered it is also the best place for finding ravishing roses! 

Now we are waiting for the raat ki rani to forgive us, and start flowering again to rain down its scented gifts upon us. 

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