Cat-gardening Chronicles: how to dream as you garden!

Cat-gardening Chronicles: dreaming as you garden!

Unless you employ a cat-gardener, you will never learn the magic trick of napping as you garden! A cat-gardener can show you, with just a little extra something in his or her pay check, (a gourmet cat food laced with catnip or your precious silk dress to nap on!) how to nurture your ivies, ferns, spider plants and roses while you dream!

And then most people who dream, and record their dreams, know that dreaming about a garden, or plants, flowers, trees etc. always denotes something fresh and new about to happen in your life!

dream as you garden

I have been diligently doing my job in the garden by nestling against the spiders and the lemon grass to make sure they are watered twice especially in this heat. The only gardener in our garden who alas often treats Netflix as part of gardening was busy gobbling up a television series called Border Town set in Finland and was hooked, leaving us to slog. And yet the world says cats are lazy.

Kari Sorjonen is a tall, lanky, mysterious detective who solves murders using his intuition, and other engaging odd bits and pieces from his inner voice and the magic is that he never sounds corny or silly. He is a actor who makes you believe in his weird sixth sense kind of a power! The story also is very gripping, combining family drama and today’s grim dark troubled world. You should watch this one, only remember to get a dream-laden cat-gardener who will fit into this icy, creepy, gruesome world of Bordertown. 

You all probably also know that the orchid is another good plant to keep in the home to wash away chemical vapors.

This beauty is also resistant to insect infestation and is easy to grow and keep. 

The final word on keeping a cat-gardener: it is like employing Zen to look after your roses, begonias, creepers, marigolds etc. and also to shoo the rats away! So pull out your ATM card to bring home the gourmet cat food!

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