Cat-gardening Chronicles & Black Earth Rising on Netflix

Cat-gardening Chronicles: The ethical garden & the stunning television series Black Earth Rising on Netflix

Cat-gardeners have their own problems to deal with. We are all being sprayed regularly with Apple Cider Vinegar for health and for flea problems. One of us, the smallest cat, who had red spots all over her face due to mosquitoes or whatever, is now free of them and looks so fresh and healthy that the rest of us have to endure this very smelly medicine.

Apple Cider Vinegar helps to lower blood pressure in humans so you all should also treat yourselves to this awful medicine!

And are you an ethical gardener? Leo Hickman in his useful book called A Good Life tells us how to be green gardeners.

Try out these simple ways: install batboxes, bumble-bee nests, nesting boxes for birds. 

Put out food (worms, nuts and feed) and fresh water for birds.

Plant a patch of native wildflowers – to lure insects, butterflies, bees and dragonflies.

Grow companion plants to keep pests away: carrots and onions, mint and beans, and garlic and roses are all good companions!

When you want to rest after gardening, check out the new stunning television series called Black Earth Rising on Netflix. But remember that this might also give you a heart attack as it is very gripping, very intense and too close to those terribly dark places in real life. 

The writer/producer/director Hugo Blick gives us this edgy, heart-stopping thriller which takes us into the complex world of the Rwandan genocide, the International Criminal Court and other complex questions. He had earlier kept us hooked with The Shadow Line and then The Honourable Woman which dealt with the Isreal-Palestine conflict. 

This series will not allow you to walk away from your seat to make yourself coffee or bring back an ice cream. You will want to watch it without interruptions! It is the best thing happening on Netflix right now. So don’t miss it while we do the gardening for you!

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