When you let the rats make your cat’s litter box!

How every day chores derail the darkening…

Isn’t it odd how the dregs of a derailed day or a dreadful darkening is somehow also related to the small, safe ointment of cleaning up and clearing out? 

When we are stuck inside a sickening problem that won’t go away, when solutions seem to have vanished to some far away island, the simple act of sweeping the terrace brings down the temperature of dread? 

I have often been drawn to the terrace where the rats have left a wicked trail of their visit with several droppings. The tree above the terrace has blanketed the terrace floor  with fallen leaves. Mounds of soil from old pots have added to the debris. Clearing out the mess in some weird way seems to enter the hole of the current problem, to soothe it down, like a good teacher at school who made my stupidity with maths feel better by reminding me that my poetry was coming along nicely!

The brighter, smarter side of my heart cheers up to find that the composted fresh, soft, dark brown soil in the patch by the roses has alas been dug up heinously by the rats to make a huge mountain. But it is now ready to be put inside  the litter box for the cats in the night, when the doors are closed to keep the rats out. The cats love this fresh, soft soil and always use the litter box diligently. There is some profit in this event and the darkness is put in its place while regular, daily chores come to the fore….

Another soul saving trick is to walk around roses which never fail to remind us that even when the edges of a summer’s heat struck rose

is beginning to brown, the centre of its heart, the important part, is still so gorgeous, so winning, like a pat from the sun itself, as it warms up the worrying day with its reliable, everyday appearance!

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