Mata Electronics & the real Nikon service centre in Bangalore!

Check out the real Nikon service centre in Bangalore before you visit Mata Electronics!

Mata Electronics & the Nikon battery cable sold  to me

I had visited Mata Electronics in S.P. Road, Bangalore to get a new cable for the battery charger of my Nikon P900. On the phone one Mr. Vijay who runs the repair centre for all camera companies, including Nikon, had told me that they would get me the cable which would cost Rs. 900.

When I reached the place which is in a crowded area of Bangalore his assistant showed me a cable claiming that it had just been taken out of a Nikon box and it would cost me Rs. 1500! When they attached it to the adapter of my camera it made me suspicious as the camera began to show a red light which it did when I tried to attach the cable of my Nikon D400  SLR to the adapter since it seemed to be the same as the cable of the P900. 

In this case I told them I did not think it was the correct cable for which they had also raised the cost to almost double of what they had promised on the phone. Mr. Vijay claimed that the cable they were giving me was a superior one but they did not give me any proof that it was a Nikon cable for the P900. Being very keen to use my p900 I made the mistake of believing them, paid up Rs. 1500 only to find out that it did not work!

I went back two days later and after an unpleasant confrontation, when I threatened to complain to Nikon, they returned my money, but refused to return the Rs. 400 it had cost me to visit them twice, having trusted their false claims.

Later I did more research and discovered that Mata Electronics is not a Nikon approved service centre.

But Mr. Vijay had even tried to sell to me a Nikon D850 at a lesser price claiming he had got it as a promotion piece. It was not even in a Nikon box and was in a glum looking bag of some sort! Why would Nikon give a promotion piece to a service centre which is not connected to it? I was wise enough not to even consider buying it!

The real Nikon approved service centre I found out is one quite close to this fraudulent place. It is near Ibis Hotel, on Rajaram Mohan Roy Road, No. 30, JNR City Center, First Floor, Sampangiramanagar, Bangalore. Its phone number is: 42450500.

I have gone to this Nikon approved repair shop twice. They have fixed my P900 once when it had fallen down, and now they told me I needed a new cable and where I could get a Nikon cable, and they did not charge me for both these services! So try out this genuine place first before going to Mata Electronics.

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