Cat-gardening Chronicles: refresh a fern & Oculus on Netflix!

Cat-gardening Chronicles: Cat-litter helps your garden & watch Oculus in Netflix!

Cat-gardening is a tough job especially since we even have to do a lot of research to keep anyone who reads this chronicle, updated about many things.

Did you know you can repel moles by using soiled cat litter on them! They hate this smell so pour some down their tunnels and it will send them off like bad guests says the Reader’s Digest.

To perk up sickly ferns give them a medicine by mixing one tablespoon castor oil and one tablespoon baby shampoo with a litre of lukewarm water. Give the fern about three tablespoons of the tonic, then follow with plain water. Your plants will get nice and fresh when you have finished using this tonic on them says the Digest!

Now this sounds really strange but try it out! Make a mud mask for your face using fresh cat litter! The Digest says to mix two handfuls of fresh cat litter with enough warm water to make a thick paste. Smear the paste over your face, keep it there for 20 minutes and then wash it off with water. But remember to ask your cat for permission to use her or his litter!

Netflix is going to scare the pants off you with Oculus, one of the scariest movies about a very creepy mirror that ruins the life of a family with its malevolence! We watched it by not watching it but if you like being rattled, then this is your treat from Netflix! It is  as engrossing and intelligent as The Haunting of Hill House, which is ofcourse the best ghost story that Netflix has to offer. Then you might like to try out Veronica, from Latin America, another good chiller!

Remember to keep enough cat litter in stock if you are going to follow any of these tips!

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