Drop a font size for the Planet?

Choose a friendly font in your laptop to save paper!

Drop a font size for the environment?

Drop a font size: did you know that the font size you choose could affect the environment? Dropping a font size when printing your docuents – and going for less space between the lines – means you save both ink and paper. This is a good choice for documents you are using as back up hard copy, rather than sending them out. Even choosing a font with thin letters rather than thick, rounded ones, will help you save paper because more words will fit onto a page!

Try this green tip out the next time you are making a document! Discover fonts which take up least space, says The Eco Lifestyle Handbook! This has 2000 and more green tips from Sarah Callard, Esme Floyd and Diane Millis!

Support trees! Buy paper with at least 30 per cent post-consumer recycled content, and encourage your school or workplace to do the same. This will help the paper recycling industry and save trees!

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