Cat-gardening Chronicles: Manchester by the Sea on Netflix & how to get a job as a cat gardener!

How to be photographed to get a job as a cat gardener: don’t nap near the fern!

Cat-gardening Chronicles: roses showing off and Manchester by the Sea on Netflix

If you want your heart to splinter into pieces you might like to watch Manchester by the Sea on Netflix. Despair droops over this exquisite film like raindrops bathing roses. But if you don’t want a movie to sadden your soul by the truth that very often life is just too unforgiving, then don’t watch this one.

Casey Affleck won the Oscar for his acting in this movie about grief so horrendous it takes your breath away. He is a mysterious, reclusive janitor who removes trash and cleans up toilets etc. in other people’s houses and keeps to himself like a ghost. He is alone, paid very little for his chores, and leads a dreary life. But soon a phone call from the past comes to pull him out of his stupor and you are slowly but unbearably drawn into the crumbling contours of his life. 

Manchester by the Sea is one of the best films to be offered by Netflix and will keep you glued to the broken, icy glass pieces of one family’s trauma, by its subdued brilliance. Michelle Williams too is wonderful though the film seems to unfairly leave her out of its story telling which is a pity. It could have been even more powerful if it had allowed her to shine a little more….but even as it is, this movie will haunt you for a very long time…

Coming back to cat-gardening, if you really want to earn your keep with this job, you cannot use these pictures for your resume. Try at least a little, to show more interest in your work place: pamper the philodendron, don’t sleep with the fern, and don’t ever squash it!

Pretend to like roses even if you feel jealous of them. Remember that they cannot purr or blink at your bosses! And they have very short lives!

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