Quikr Bangalore delivers broken oven to buyer ordered to pay up Rs. 8035 to him

I won’t be shopping with Quikr for my catnip cooker!

Mallikarjuna Sarma Abburi from Dharwar had bought an oven through Quikr, Bangalore, a company that buys and sells goods online, for Rs. 8034.

When the Quikr agent had picked up the oven, the seller had taken pics of it which had shown that the oven was in perfect condition. But Quikr agents failed to mention on the cover of the inferior packaging they used to transport the oven, that important message :This Side Up. The oven therefore lay upside down on its trip to its new home.

The buyer who had paid up Rs. 1564 to Quickr for its transport, was upset to find that the front door of his oven and its glass were broken into bits and pieces! It was severely damaged! Quickr promised to look into the matter and then forgot all about it and left him to shudder in despair.

Mallikarjun complained to the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum in Dharwar which found Quikr guilty of deficient service. Quikr did not bother to come to the court hearing and was ordered to repay Rs. 8035 to the furious buyer along with Rs. 2000 for causing him distress and annoyance and also Rs. 1000 as court costs.

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