Cat-gardening Chronicles: fern beds, yoghurt & ROMA on Netflix!

Cat-gardening often involves  working a lot around ferns, whether resting near them or reminding all gardeners that ferns are good to grow in any garden. And inside the house they keep indoor air clean and fresh. 

Ferns also allow cat-gardeners to dream and survive the problems that beset them or lure in dreams about catnip, fresh fish and yoghurt! Yoghurt is the new dessert in our suppers and we all love it. It is good for us and after some time we got used to it. Now we love it!

Instead of milk, give us yoghurt, say the experts, and for once, we agree with them!

The Reader’s Digest always has more to say about everything! It tells us that yoghurt helps cats and dogs to digest their food. If they have diarrhoea do this: add 2 teaspoons yoghurt to the food for cats or small dogs weighing up to 6 kg. Add one tablespoon for medium sized dogs weighing 7-15 kg. Add two tablespoons for large dogs weighing 16-38 kg. Add 3 tablespoons for dogs larger than that. 

While we care for the ferns in your gardens, you are allowed to watch Roma on Netflix. This scintillating film by a very addictive director will scorch you with its tender story of love, loss, darkness and delight. The men in Roma are unappetizing to say the least, and you want the women who own them, to spit them out! The women shine and warm you all over! Don’t miss this exquisite treasure from award winning director Alfonso Cuaron which will give you a glimmering couple of hours!

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