Cat-gardening Chronicles: and free meditation green cubicles!

Cat-gardening Chronicles & how to pick up glass fragments:

Cat-gardening does not pay much to us cats. For instance I can never earn enough rupees, pounds or dollars to employ a hit man to kill all the de-clawing vets in my town or in my country. But I can have as many free meditation cubicles as I choose – tastefully arranged with green and yellow ivies, scented lemon grass, raat ki rani and roses. 

 Use vodka to keep cut flowers fresh!

Did you know that vodka could help you to keep your cut flowers fresh? Just keep them happy by adding a few drops of vodka (or any clear spirit) to the vase water along with one teaspoon sugar, says the Reader’s Digest!

Vodka can even kill weeds in your garden! The Reader’s Digest tells you how to make a quick and easy weedkiller! Mix 30 ml vodka, a few drops washing-up liquid and 400 ml water in a spray bottle!

You can spray it on the weed leaves until the mixture runs off. Remember to apply it at midday on a sunny day to weeds that are growing in strong sunlight. It won’t work in shady areas.

If you want to keep us cats away from places that are not meant for us, just sprinkle some full-strength distilled white vinegar around that area or even onto the object itself! We hate the smell of vinegar and will keep away! You can also use half a fresh lemon or a lemon spray on anything needing space from us!

If you have dropped a glass bottle or any other glass item on the floor, or in the garden, you can pick up dangerous fragments using bread says the Digest! If tiny slivers are lying around they can be very harmful. You can press a slice of bread over the area! Then you throw the bread into the dust bin! Or make a sandwich with it and feed it to the vet who advises you to declaw your cat, to protect your furniture!

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