Cat-gardening Chronicles: ivy and sleepy heads & the magic of Tumbad in Amazon Prime!

I always feel sleepy around the ivies!

Cat-gardening Chronicles: ivy attracts sleepy heads and the magic of Tumbad on Amazon Prime!

I really have no idea why I fall into a deep and blissful sleep when I am gardening near the ivy! This lovely plant, a favourite of one of us, is forever bought and lost and bought again. It is known to be good for cleaning up indoor air and does well inside and outside. But for some reason it makes cat-gardeners sleepy!

Luckily Netflix bores us so we did not get somewhat rattled while watching this very superior horror film, perhaps India’s very best! So far we have been bored to death by those Ramsey Brothers and their awful, inferior, ghastly horror movies. We can’t remember a single horror film that was good enough to watch. But Tumbad, which is a cautionary tale coming out of Maharashtra is so dark, disturbing and engrossing, as it swirls around the awful side effects of human greed, that one can’t believe we finally made a chiller to be really proud of!

The cast is new, fresh, young and very good. The special effects are astounding. 

Tumbad is a village or a smaller hamlet that is stained and tainted by a gruesome mystery boiling away inside an ancient frightening huge mansion. There is hidden gold somewhere inside its cavernous ruins, and two small boys, their widowed mother and a very old ‘thing’ living with them…..but human greed is the real story. The music, the script, the intelligent and wise tale tightens its claws around you ruthlessly, and you are willingly transported to another dimension of ruthless evil….

Protect catnip plants: The Reader’s Digest seems to think that cats will gobble up all the catnip you might grow in the garden! It advises all gardeners to put a crown of chicken wire over the plant, close to the ground to keep it safe from us! When the catnip grows through the wire and gets gobbled up, the roots will remain safe and grow new catnip!

Preserve flowers with the help of cat litter!

The Reader’s Digest again gives a handy tip to make use of freshly cut flowers! If you want to hang on to their beauty, dry them on a bed of cat litter in an airtight container for 7-10 days!

Now I better wake up and water this ivy plant before I lose my job!And you go and watch Tumbad!

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