Nikhil International Packers & Movers damage Bangalore consumer’s cot etc. ordered to compensate him by consumer forum!

Don’t contact Nikhil International Packers & Movers to move your cot!

Nikhil International Packers & Movers shift Bangalore consumer’s furniture by crashing his cot!

Bandaru Venkata Sai Kishore had chosen unwisely the services of Nikhil International Packers & Movers for shifting his household goods from his old house to a new one in Bangalore. 

One of the employers who came to pack his household goods was drunk! Next, Mr. Amit Sharma of the firm, had promised that Bandaru’s cot and other articles would be bubble wrapped to avoid damage! He even paid up insurance for which the packers and movers did not give a receipt.

But even the staff sent to pack up his goods were not skilled and he had to do their work for them, by dismantling his cot by paying Rs. 300 to some other helper.

Finally the cot arrived to his new house totally damaged, scratched and unusable! It would cost him Rs. 15,000 to be fixed properly. 

Nikhil International Packers & Movers said they could only pay him Rs. 3000 for their shoddy services! He had to complain to the Ist additional consumer forum Bangalore which sent its summons to Nikhil International which did not appear for the court hearing and hence was found guilty of the charges levied against it: of severely deficient service, unfair trade practice and harassment of the consumer.

This court ordered them to pay up Rs. 5000 as damages, Rs. 5200, Rs. 2850 and another Rs. 2000 as costs to this unhappy consumer within 30 days and to keep the forum informed about this matter failing which they would endure legal punishment.

Nikhil International Packers & Movers ruin consumer's cot!

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