Cat-gardening Chronicles: Lemon Juice and black heads!

Remove black heads with lemon juice!

Treat flaky dandruff with lemon juice!

If you have been battling that huge mountain of dandruff in your hair, scratching away furiously, lemon juice might come to  your aid! The Reader’s Digest advises you to massage 2 tablespoons lemon juice into your itching scalp and wash away with water!

Then stir one teaspoon lemon juice into 200 ml water and rinse your scratchy hair with it! You need to do this daily until the dandruff gives up and vanishes! Not only will your scalp stop scratching but it will also start smelling good!

We cats have this perennial problem with fleas settling down for long spells under our soft, warm, cosy fur! The treatment is Apple Cider Vinegar which we hate! First we were dosed with lemon rinse made from four to five cut lemons put inside very hot water, kept overnight. In the morning the lemons were put out and the water was sprayed over us till the fleas began to make an exit!

Now it is half a cup of water mixed with half a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar which we have to endure but the fleas are making a slow but sure exit!

We wash our faces a hundred times a day as if we were expecting George Cloony or Ryan Gosling to come to dinner! But we simply use our paws while you may need to clean your face by washing it with lemon juice! You can use it to remove black heads by dabbing them with lemon juice. It will take a lot of days to work, but don’t give up!

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