Cat-gardening chronicles: lemon juice sends the roaches packing!

lemon rinse to get rid of  your cat’s fleas. but we cats hate it. we prefer the fleas!

Keep fleas, roaches and ants away from the kitchen with lemon rinse!

Lemon rinse works well with keeping fleas out of your cat’s fur. Cats do not like this treatment and will give us nasty or sad looks when we spray this mixture on them. But this home remedy also helps to make the roaches vanish from all corners where they lurk, says the Reader’s Digest!

You must first squirt some lemon juice on the thresholds of doors and windowsills. Then squeeze it into any holes or cracks where ants are getting in. Next scatter small slices of lemon peel around the outdoor entrance.

lemon rinse gets rid of roaches, ants and fleas!

Now mix the juice of four lemons along with the rinds with 2 litres of water and wash the floor with it; then you will be happy to find fleas and roaches running away from this lemony smell that they hate, says the Digest.

Composting your organic waste could cut CO2 emissions by up to 300 kg a year. This amounts to around 1000 miles of car travel!

garlic helps to fight pests

Organic spray for plants attacked by pests: crush three cloves of garlic and blend with 1 tsp. hot cayenne pepper and one quart (one L) water. Let it stand for ten minutes and strain through nylon sock. Dilute one part of mixture with four parts water and spray plants.

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