Cat-gardening Chronicles: avoid Mirzapur on Amazon Prime: instead watch Deutschland 83!

Cat-gardening Chronicles: rainy roses and the dreadful Mirzapur on Amazon Prime

Yellow and green ivies arrived to dress up the small garden while its cat-gardeners did all they could to earn their wages by pointing out the work that needed to be done. The new blue and white creeper had to be snugly bedded near all the garden ledges and rails so they could wind around them like a brand new shawl. The Raat ki Rani was put in a huge round stone pot so it could put out its scent every evening to amaze the heart and the soul. 

The tiny baby roses, white ones, that the vicious rat had torn out of the pot in the night had to be replanted. The composted kitchen wastes again had to be put back in their pots. 

Too much fuss was made about a dog show in town where the canines posed too much to be praised for. 

Then this really big mistake was made – to watch Mirzapur on Amazon Prime!

It is one of the silliest, irksome television series ever made in recent times – it is crude, mediocre, exploitative in too many  ways, and there seems to be no reason at all for making it. We have to blame Pankaj Tripathi because it was for his sake that we wasted too much time watching this curdled, moronic mess of recycled, regurgitated, underdone curry of coarse cinema. 

Even Tripathi could not save this boring tv series and we happily shifted to watching the awesome Deutschland 83 that nobody should miss! It is television of a very superior kind. It will totally forgive you for binge watching and make you long for the first season which was equally wonderful.

Now to green matters: don’t leave your sprinkler on in the garden. 

Deodorize a cat litter tray: don’t waste money on costly deodorized cat litter. Just put a thin layer of bicarbonate of soda under ordinary litter to absorb the smells. Or you can mix bicarbonate of soda with the litter as you are changing it says the Reader’s Digest!

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