The reckless riot of Red Roses…

riot of red roses

Am only rich in yesterday’s roses the rain brought to me with no concern in its heart about how I truly did not deserve its bounty of beauty crammed with such serenity that I was hugged! In that dark afternoon, promising more rain due to some far away cyclone, there were only three of us enjoying the rich rain drenched colony of calm – a couple trying to decide which ones to buy and the husband asking me about my Nikon P900 and eyeing it with joy. It began its work at once, gobbling up the beauty like it was food for it! But again, like always, it stopped after taking 300 photos, unlike the Panasonic 60 x zoom which always takes more pictures! But then the Nikon makes up with its alluring other features like painting the photos etc. Plus it seems to have taken the best of the lot really….

The very generously stacked army of roses glittered under a light splatter of rain drops which fell upon a family of tender pink roses, pearls of peace, some white small ones, two or three bigger ones, and many dark red ones. Someone has to be thanked for that reckless rioting of the red of roses which can tear even into the most rotten heart of darkness, to begin to clear out some of the rodents of hell residing inside for too long to be dislodged easily! 

And yet red roses try again and again and somehow they create a tiny platform of penance, or energy to bring back a dream dislodged or driven away,  upon which faith can find a seat to rest on and begin to repair its tattered coat…

The silence of rain washed roses has a mystifying power – it envelops the heart like no other friend can. It becomes a rainbow of reverence – a Zen of such sweetness that you want nothing more in that moment….except its company…

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