Avoid the supplements says Michael Pollan..


Take your Vitamin D from the sun!


We can skip the supplements and not worry about it!


Too many of us either take supplements, or are made to take them by worried family members or doctors!


But do we really need them? In his book Food Rules An Eater’s Manual Michael Pollan International bestselling author of In Defence of Food tells us that we believe that people who take supplements are healthier than the rest of us, and we also know that in controlled studies most of the supplements they take don’t appear to be effective!


This is because supplement takers are healthy not because they take all those pills! They are generally more health conscious, richer and better educated. They probably exercise a lot as well, and eat whole grains!

Pollan advises “to the extent you can, be the kind of person who would take supplements, and then save your money”.

There are exceptions to this rule, for people with specific nutrient deficiencies or are older than fifty. But otherwise, you can really save your money for other things! Skip the supplements!


Go for the cheaper happier easily available health givers: non-fat or skim milk, super high in vitamin D can ward off colon cancer says The Miracle of Nature’s Healing Foods!


Prunes, are packed high with fiber and are one of the most effective natural laxatives, along with papayas and bananas!


Tea made from thyme relieves cramps! Yoghurt strengthens our immune system! So go for these natural angels and avoid the supplements!


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