Cat-Gardening Chronicles: an eye for an eye & The Vanishing!


Cat-Gardening Chronicles: an eye for an eye & The Vanishing!


Cat-gardening does not pay really well, true, no gourmet cat food, no catnip while on duty,  and certainly no killing of butterflies or squirrels allowed. But it does give me the space to look the enemy in the eye – that huge rat who used to come and eat up all our food, and who has been thrown out by the broken window being fixed!


This has curbed our night time travels – it felt like flying in and out of our space, like birds. Birds are another tricky issue. We are not even allowed to look up at them if they venture out on the mesh tops.


Cat-gardening allows a lot of sun-lit sun-bathing and sun-warmed dreaming. Infections and boils have a way of vanishing when we sit under its benign dollops of golden wealth. It is free too.


Speaking of Vanishing, there is one free gift on You Tube that everyone should grab and enjoy – especially those who are mad about thrilling mysteries. This gift is The Vanishing, a French thriller of 1988 so chilling, it could make your hair curl. It shows how malicious human nature can be! The later American version with Jeff Bridges is good but not as good as the original.


Ginger in the garden: there are several reasons why you should grow ginger in your garden or bring it home and keep in the fridge. Ginger heals a cold within three days, if you make a tea out of it as soon as you begin to sneeze. Just boil an inch of fresh ginger for seven minutes, then pour tea powder into the water and make your tea.


One inch of ginger boiled till it turns yellow, mixed with your bathwater will heal a painful back ache, or any other ache troubling you!

Now we are told that ginger stops sea-sickness as effectively as any over the counter drug for motion sickness! Isn’t this a good reason for growing it in the garden, next to the dahlia or the hibiscus?


Speaking of the hibiscus, how does it manage to be a good flower for washing your hair, healing women’s ailments and also coaxing you to write a poem?


And since the rose never grows in our garden, not liking the mesh keeping the sun out, or perhaps not being fond of cats, six of us, we can only try to put it in a poem as well! Or snub it like it snubs us?





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