Cat-gardening Chronicles: Composting Rakhi Sawant?

Cat-gardeners can get free hats while working in hot weather!





There aren’t all that many advantages to be a cat-gardener. But one of them is this: you don’t have to spend on buying a hat for summer heat. You can get one for free! Plus you can get in a quick snooze under it if it is too hot to water, weed or compost!


Cat-gardening also introduces you to those twice as nice angels of our world! As you help the main gardener in this scenario – the one who begins to all over again pick up the tattered and torn, eaten up rat-attacked plants, and repots them, repairs the small hillocks made up of scary rat tunnels, and sweeps out the rat droppings,  by just accompanying her and blinking up at her consolingly, you feel good!


The garden always rescues you from that horrifying movie called The Night Comes For Us, to get a spell of fresh air and calm! One of us who was again inexplicably attracted by that petrifying movie made up totally of every second killings of the most brutal kind, had to take a break and deal with the rat infestation till she got back her breath.


We are unable to understand how such sickening violence could attract any human being! Just as our principal gardener cannot understand when we play with and finally squash a mouse which dared to enter our domain.


Luckily the garden enfolds all of us in its small, mysterious, magnanimous offerings. One morning it treated us to the lone red rose that came up on the terrace, free of the mesh covering the rest of the house, and shone despite the hot day.


Roses seem to know how to irritatingly prove their ability to copy angels that always work their hearts out in mangled or morose territories by glimmering and glistening no matter how bad the weather or the nasal voiced Prime Minister or the deathly doses of Rakhi Sawant, that fetid, foul Bollywood menace kicking at the very important Me Too army trying to strengthen its power.


If only we could compost her in the garden, to share the creepy underworld of the bandicoots below. We all can do without Rakhi Sawant and her daily poisonous doses of acrimonious ghoulish rubbish!


One green fact: A half hour commute by bike will burn eight calories a minute, or 11 kg. fat a year!






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