Tried the Slow Travel & Happiness in small parcels?


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Have you tried Going Slow?


First there was the Slow Food organization for happier living which began in Italy in 1986 to fight the menace of fast foods threatening to drown everybody in a sea of unhealthy food and obesity and many ailments!

Now there is another healthy, important choice to make: the slow and green way to travel!


The Guardian Green Travel Guide How to Plan your Ideal Break gives you many great tips for having a greener, even cheaper holiday which also cares for the planet!


It tells us that a holiday in a Slow Country could take you to Bhutan! In the Kingdom of Bhutan, in the Himalayas, the Government has had the bright idea to adopt gross national happiness as official policy! All important decisions are tested against their effect on the environment and on society. According to the New Economics Foundation’s Happy Planet index, Bhutan is the 13th! There are 178 countries: the US comes 150thand the UK 108th!


Living slowly means to realize that happiness loves to hang out with the small, sweet, very often free gifts that tumble out of every single hour of every day! Happiness will fly into your heart when you discover that the small white cutting of the white Wandering Jew that you had picked up from the discarded bin in the park, has now grown to fill up the entire hanging pot you had stuck it in with only hope as the helper!


It could be the book you found in the library that is keeping you stuck on the cane swing under the skylight for hours on end. I recently picked up this truly harrowing and heartrending book Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey from my library that kept me engrossed and stunned. This award winning book tells the story of Maud, an elderly woman with a flawed memory, whose friend Elizabeth has gone missing! It is a book you simply cannot miss. It makes you care for those whom dementia throttles and for those who have to look after their derailed lives!


Maud tells us the story in her own words! Though her memory has ditched her dreadfully, so that she forgets to drink the tea she has made, and whether her daughter had come or gone, and keeps buying peach tins over and over and over, Maud still keeps  us hooked as she tries to solve the mystery of her friend missing! The book delves into the murky real world of dementia, the carers saddled with its problems, and the patients!


Going back to Slow Travel, you will find many awesome places to visit, many ways to travel by keeping the environment in mind, and many ways to save money as well by reading The Guardian Green Travel Guide!

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