Cat-gardening shifts into Rat-Gardening! Cat-gardening Chronicles:The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix!

Stressed Cat-gardener after one window was shuttered to spoil our night time travels!



Cat-gardening shifts into Rat-Gardening!


Cat-gardening Chronicles:


One broken window which all the cat-gardeners were using to come in and out of the house to sit on the motor ledge was shut off last night. One of us, the chubby one is in high stress and squeaks and scowls and scolds dreadfully for some minutes till she is fed! Then she forgets, blinks and goes to sleep.


But nap-gardening often becomes rat-gardening. Since the rats are kept out of the house firmly now with the last window shuttered, they show their wrath by making small wells inside the front garden making the ivies, the ferns, the begonias etc. shudder and fall down.


We dealt with the stress of the window shut down with some extra snoozing while one of us watched The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix and was so enthralled she even forgot the last rat remaining inside who was chased away but fell into the toilet! Uggh! He has to be removed now as he is dead. But this trauma is being dealt with by watching the very engrossing ghost story, so well written, acted and imagined, that it is one of the best things Netflix has done in recent times.



Another scary thriller on Netflix is by Gareth Evans who gave us The Raid movies which were also very gripping though gruesome. This new film is The Apostle, again very well made but often too ghastly to watch calmly! But then calm is the last thing we can ask for when watching dread filled movies!

But the Haunting Of Hill House is different. Though it has its scares and chills and thrills, it is also a well crafted, moving story about a shattered family tottering through a life of dread and despair, haunted by ghosts from the past…


Meanwhile the garden was painstakingly repaired as usual with extra work, trimming and clearing, using extra cuttings of Buzy Lizzy, English Ivy and filling up empty tops. Then finally allowing the lone red rose which shockingly arrived on the terrace, though it had been stuck under some composting pots in a darker place, and yet decided to come without enough sunlight, to warm the heart stricken by rats! But isn’t that always the way with roses? They offer love like ice cold mango ice cream on a sweltering hot summer afternoon!



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