Roses are my Matrons of Magic!


Even as roses yet another time

Refuse to grow in my garden, to

Remind me that the five cats are

Not their choice for choosing my

Home, and the mesh covering the

Sun, does not tempt them either,

They make up by sitting joyously

Inside my Panasonic 60 x zoom &

Even tempt poetry to sneak in &

Best of all roses seem to have in

Some very mystical way, stolen the

Heart of that Matron in boarding

School from a million years ago

Who would give away her heart

And her soul, to bring out my very

Personal Best! In any way she could!

These days, the roses, my Matrons

Of this mellowed, mature time, still

Find enough to repair and trim and

 wash and polish and teach and scold

To make life better than they think it

Is: so on grotesque, tainted, tormented

Days they tempt me out of the fat fierce

Hug from Netflix, with their exquisite

Rain-drenched transparent souls where

My heart flies in to be washed with the

Wealth of their wisdom: to make that

Coconut rice finally, and remember to

Use up the small mug of fresh coconut

To make the milk, so it is five or eight

Times cheaper than the shop-bought

One! To then use up all those carrots

Beginning to consider getting older!

And maybe put in some fresh green

Peas as well and along with all this

My heart begins to swell with the sweet

Pleasure of cooking and those Matronly

Roses, snub the five cats but embrace me!





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