Cat-gardening is not Nap_gardening!



Some suspicious and unkind persons may be sneering and commenting that Cat-gardening looks eerily like Nap- Gardening! But this would be rude and untrue.


Just consider the amount of information we have gathered for you today about green gardening!

DSCN0083 (1)

More and more people are now considering having green roofs! They replace the land lost to construction, help to insulate our homes, and encourage wildlife to visit with their greenery.

DSCN0083 (2)

On 1 May 2007, a small town in South Devon, UK, called Modbury, became the first in Europe to kick plastic-bags out of its homes! It is totally free of plastic bags and is the home of documentary filmmaker Rebecca Hosking, who made the film Message in the Waves in Hawaii for the BBC. She shows in this film a Hawaiian green turtle swallowing a plastic bag! It is estimated that 100,000 marine creatures are sucking up plastic every year!


She was horrified to discover that the world consumes one million plastic bags per minute! Even more saddening is the fact that each person uses a plastic bag for an average of 12 minutes before discarding it!


She got Modbury’s traders to switch from plastic to cloth bags, paper bags, cardboard boxes etc! In Delhi in India now plastic bags give you a head ache and a solid fine!


Most of our old plastic bags were used up in the garden by filling them up with fresh soil made from compost and for other garden stuff.


Geraniums and petunias are ‘trap crops’ which lure pests away from roses and grapevines.


Onions, garlic grown near carrots deter the carrot fly.


Coriander, chives or chervil have a scent that pushes pests away from roses.

Marigolds should always be planted inside greenhouses and gardens to provide us all-round pest control.


Now if you still feel that cat-gardening often stumbles into nap-gardening consider this fact: we are trying to make plants self-sufficient so they can take care of themselves even when the gardener is catching up on badly needed snoozing!




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