Wooden Street furniture shop from Jaipur sends dining table without chairs and shoddy furniture to Bangalore consumer

I will use garden furniture instead of Wooden Street furniture!



Anoop Garg from Bangalore had paid up Rs. 2, 88, 136 to Wooden Street.com online to send him 9 items of furniture for his new home. The shop in Jaipur, Rajasthan, had promised to send the fancy items to him within 5 to six weeks in 2017!

It is October 2018 and he is still waiting for most of his furniture! Even after the National Consumer Forum intervened, Jaipur’s Wooden Street sent him the dining table but alas without its chairs to sit on and to eat!

FSCN7666 (1)

He is stuck with the defective furniture they sent him and no response to the several Whatsap he sent to them. He even went to their Bangalore Experience Centre for help but  is still out of luck!


He finally complained to the Bangalore II Additional consumer disputes redressal forum which ordered Wooden Street to repair one of the defective items, to take back what was useless, and to refund Rs. 1, 12,748 to him along with costs of Rs. 10,000.

Alas this consumer forum did not award him money for compensation for the one year of unfair trade practice, and the harassment he underwent from this Jaipur seller.


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