Dr. Batra cons consumers now with stem cell treatment!

It is luckier to have fur rather than hair to escape Dr. Batra’s wicked advertisements!


The Advertising Standards Council of India had to pull up the Dr. Batra’s Positive Health  Clinic for lying about yet another ridiculous offer to consumers and also banned the advertisement.

It bleated out to consumers that it was selling stem cell treatment that would encourage new hair growth within six weeks!

Before you believe any ‘magical’ remedies offered by this firm please check out the ASCI website where you will find that Dr. Batra’s health claims and offers on television have been banned hundreds of times.

From the ASCI website:

COMPANY: Dr. Batra’s Positive Health Clinic

PRODUCT: Dr. Batra’s Homeopathic Clinic

Claims Objected To:

  • India’s most trusted homeopathy Brand.
  • Stem cell treatment, after 6 weeks new hair gets developed.


The ASCI approached the advertiser for their response in addressing the objections in raised the complaint and forwarded the details of the complaint, verbatim, to the advertiser with a request to respond to the same. The Advertiser was offered an opportunity for Personal Hearing with the ASCI Secretariat. The advertiser had, however, not responded to ASCI’s request. The CCC noted that no response was received from the advertiser prior to the prescribed due date for this complaint. The CCC viewed the print advertisement and upon careful consideration of the complaint, and in the absence of any comments or response from the advertiser, the CCC concluded that the claims, “India’s most trusted homeopathy Brand” was not substantiated with any verifiable comparative data of the advertiser’s brand and other similar Homeopathy brands in India, or through a third party validation. The superlative claim is misleading by exaggeration. The claim “Stem cell treatment, after 6 weeks new hair gets developed” was not substantiated with any scientific evidence or proof of product efficacy. The claims are misleading and exploit the consumers’ lack of knowledge and are likely to lead to grave or widespread disappointment in the minds of consumers. The print advertisement contravened Chapters I.1, I.4 and I.5 of the ASCI Code. The complaint was UPHELD.



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