Cat-gardening Chronicles: The amazing Amitabh Bachchan & Me Too & the philodendron


Version 2

Cat-gardening Chronicles: the Me Too movement in India & our garden!


When the world turns gruesome and grey, the best place to vanish to is the garden, however small it is! When we have returned from the vet’s place or been scolded for sitting on the television or the gas stove or on top of all the rice and sugar and biscuit packets in the kitchen cabinet we decide to do some gardening.


It is wise to sit on ferns as you consider your gardening options. Ferns are good to keep inside the house as well as they clear out impure air and refresh the rooms with their calming soft presence.


Recently India has been happily attacked by the Me Too movement and women who have been belittled, ravaged and hurt by men have begun to speak up to bring the men to justice. While most men like the unbelievable Amitabh Bachhan and sadly, Amir Khan and Katrina who sniggered and snorted as Bachhan cracked another one of his creepy, unmanly jokes by saying he did not know who Nana Patekar was, or who Tanushree Dutta was, the younger men in Bollywood and many women too spoke up for Tanushree Dutta.


Very sadly 40 little girls from Bihar (India’s blackest spot for women) spoke up against boys and men writing rude things on walls and harassing them, were thrashed by those thugs and had to be hospitalized with wounds! Horrifying. Now 9 of those thugs were caught by the police after pressure from news channels, but it is harrowing to deal with.


So it is nice when the garden informs you that the philodendron has put out larger heart shaped leaves to curl and whirl around many hanging pots to herald the joy of a very lovely plant, though it is harmful for both humans as well as cats, if we are stupid enough to eat it! But otherwise it is a gorgeous plant, good for cleaning up indoor air as well. It is also very well behaved and continues to flourish even if you forget to water it for three or four days!


We too plan a Me Too movement against all vets, and especially those who still declaw cats! But first we will catch up on some well deserved naps after this very well researched piece of work!




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