Cat-gardening Chronicles: tea leaves & roses and purrs!


Cat-gardening is the only job that allows you to play hide and seek inside green corridors of calm. And if you are caught napping on a plant that you should have watered or at least repotted, you can repair the damage with a generous gift of purrs and blinks that most employers can’t resist.


Cat-gardening is the healthiest way to catch up with your beauty sleep as you can take in the scent of mint, roses, and lemon grass. Then you can wrap yourself up inside the serenity of green blankets and hear the sound of watery wind chimes.

DSCN0200 (1)

Your points rise if you have killed a mouse or two by the morning though if you have played with it all night before killing it you might be in the bad books of your owner. But most unhealthy, unwholesome or unwelcome messes somehow get sorted out in any garden!


If the army of huge bandicoots have stacked up rude, ruthless, ghastly hills of garden soil, Creeping Charlie, surely the friendliest of creepers, will soon make a comeback on this mess, shining out its greenery like bliss itself.


You discover the garden’s small, sweet secrets: that the Wandering Jew also grows marvelously inside plain water. You can fling it inside a kettle, a large glass or mud bowl,  or even a very large square tin and there it will nestle inside water like a garden queen.


Give roses a boost says the Reader’s Digest: sprinkle new or used tea leaves (loose or in tea bags) around rose bushes and cover them with mulch to give them good energy. Roses go well with tannic acid that occurs naturally in tea!


Cat-gardening may not significantly improve our bank accounts but it certainly gives us free healthy exercise every single day and night! We are also treated to the magic of experimenting with green blankets much to the dismay of certain individuals. But if  you know how to purr, do it regularly and you will never lose your job.


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