Sending a distraught day to that island of green tranquility…


To send a distraught day to

That far away island of green

Tranquility, you might try to

Work on the weird mound of

Left overs that seem to have

Grown up around you like a

Mountain of trash a mean giant

Has flung down on your patch!

You could finally drag out that

 white glass kitchen container

Cracked and glum, your guest

Had mistreated before leaving!

Pile it up with fresh red mud &

Stick a bright glittering fern in

It so one hour in the day begins

To shine with instant solace &

Then you find out that the few


Cuttings of the White Wandering

Jew you had picked up from the

Park, have filled up the hanging

Pot like a present from your very

Favourite aunt to glisten at you!

The favourite grey dress with the

Tiny buttons that you once loved

Has now been taken by kitty to be

Her very own favourite bolster &

That too is another step forward!

That favourite plant of a friend you

Lost recently, which you always told

Her was all over the flat, is now the

One that grows, gleams and curls up

And down every which way and even

Survives the grey tabby’s fat furry


Self, through every single dreamy nap!

It winds around the small unused sink

Under the sky light, like her cheeky

Jokes and grins & tender comforting

A shawl that wraps around the hole

Of losses like only real friendship can

And even as you begin to use up the

First of many such left overs of living,

That distant, out of reach island begins

To come swirling like peace purring!











2 thoughts on “Sending a distraught day to that island of green tranquility…

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