The Wooden Street Furniture Jaipur sends damaged dreadful furniture to Bangalore buyer: ordered to refund Rs. 2,61,000 to her


It might be wiser to make our own furniture at home!


Rajashree Dwarki had ordered a large stock of furniture for her new home in Bangalore from The Wooden Street Furniture Pvt.  Ltd. in Jaipur. She paid up Rs. 2,61,000 as advance to the shop which promised to deliver all the furniture within 5 to six weeks.


But six months later the furniture arrived and the buyer was shocked to find that it was substandard and damaged. The drawers did not open or shut and the colors of all the furniture were a mismatch! She complained to The Wooden Street Furniture proprietors who promised to either refund her money or send fresh furniture for her.


The Wooden Street Furniture thereafter forgot all about the matter and neither refunded her money nor did they replace the furniture with better stuff. Finally Rajashree had to  complain to the II Additional district consumer disputes redressal forum in Shantinagar, Bangalore.


The Forum President Kumari T. Shobhadevi found The Wooden Street Furniture Jaipur guilty of deficient service and unfair trade practice and ordered it to refund Rs. 2,61,000 to Rajashree Dwarki.





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