Cat-gardening Chronicles: 3 a lucky number: Bishop Franco in Cell no. 3 in Kerala jail!





Cat-gardening Chronicles: 3 a lucky number? Bishop Franco Mullakal guilty of raping and bullying a nun, is resident of Cell No. 3 in Kerala Jail!


Some things go well even in this dark and dismal world of today and for the time being the unpleasant Bishop is spending some bady deserved jail time!


We should probably learn to plant roses to celebrate the joy of the five gutsy nuns who have come out of their harrowing 89 and more days of fighting everyone from the Pope to the police, and the awful P.C. George of the dirty mouth, the Kerala MLA who disturbed everybody’s sleep with his creepy unwanted unasked for comments over this important matter!


Meanwhile the garden gifted us with more always needed advice! When all other plants give you a hard time by not coming up properly, dying dismally or just not flowering, like African Violets, just bring in the philodendron from where ever it is surviving, and put it in yet another pot where its heart-shaped leaves will hug your own heart now throbbing with distress and despair over that young, 19 year old rape survivor of Revari, in Haryana. The only good news in that dark, grimy corner of India is that two more thugs have been caught by the special investigative team (finally ordered to take over from the dismal local cops who let them go) after 12 days.


Even if roses don’t grow in our garden because of the mesh covering it and keeping sunlight away, to ensure our protection against the stray dogs on the roads, they luckily can be stored snugly inside the soul. And when good things happen like Cell No. 3 for a jailed mean Bishop, and bad times for the Revari thugs, it is time to smell the roses within!




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