Cat-gardening Chronicles: Hallelujah! Bishop Franko Mullekal arrested & five persistent nuns win the first round!


Instead of cat-gardening today we feel like singing Handel’s Hallelujah chorus from Messiah!

FSCN9138 (1)

After more than three months, the five strong nuns who fought relentlessly for justice from the Kerala Government, the High Court, and the police, finally stopped their exhausting and distressing battle as Bishop Franco Mullakal, accused of raping, intimidating, forcing her to endure unnatural sex and threatening one nun, was arrested by the Kerala cops.


Hallelujah should also be sung for the massive army of a decent, furious and unrelenting public, who stood by the nuns. They were shocked by the Bishop’s powerful retaliation by shaming the nun with the help of his Missionaries of Jesus and even other Church personnel who distributed pamphlets with pictures of the surviving victim, which is not permitted by the Supreme Court. They too will have to face the wrath of the Supreme Court for this violation of the survivor’s rights.


So as the nuns have won the first round, today we will shower roses on them and some on the Bishop too who complained of chest pains, after his arrest! But a medical examination revealed that he was fine!






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