Meet India’s Few Good Men?!While Revari’s rape victim bleeds…


The swollen heart of the day

Wondered how the wretched

Mother of the young girl in Revari

who was torn up & ripped apart

by 10 or even more men for ten

horrifying hours, would manage

her suddenly mangled new life

while the Prime Minister Modi

 with his greasy smiles & titters

Celebrated his 68thbirthday &

India’s biggest celebrity, Amitabh

Bachhan, the UN Ambassador for

India’s girl child, had nothing to

Say about yet another horrendous

Gang rape, (adding up daily now)

Each more devastating & dark while

the female cop in the women’s police

station rudely shunted the girl’s

parents from one police station to

another and ignored all beseeching

requests to catch the rapists who

were in the village for more than

ten hours after the attack and could

have been caught within a few hours

while her heart throbbed with terror

for her daughter bleeding and very

 near death, torn up like old newspaper

the day gave up on everyone and every

thing – even the grotesque Haryana Chief

 Minister Khattar rude to the media who

 Actually muttered to reporters that

Since the girl and the rapists knew each

Other, it did not seem to matter too much!

In such desolation, even prayer shied away

From the parents but despair took over

While India’s Prime Minister and UN’s

Ambassador for the girl child, squeaked

To each other about their ‘Clean India crap’

And Prime Minister Modi as always said

Nothing about this newest India’s baby

Slowly sinking in a pitiful Government

Hospital while her mother cried in fear

While skinny Modi swished a broom so

That  the servile photographers would

Click and he swept away the truth of the

Terrible rapes sweeping over his country

One wonders where hope hides and runs

From the likes of such Good Men of India?




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