Roses for the 5 Brave Nuns!


The despair that has enveloped all the sensible, concerned, kind citizens of India, over the distressing report concerning the rape of a Kerala nun by Bishop Franco Mullekal has finally seen some light in the darkness.


Five brave Kerala nuns had been fighting this battle for the past several months without any help from their seniors including the Mother Superior! Despite a police affidavit submitted by the Kerala police to the Kerala High Court several days ago, which had clearly and concisely stated that the investigation found the Bishop guilty of raping and of forcing unnatural sexual acts upon the nun whom he had hidden in a secluded place, the Bishop had not been arrested. Instead, he with the help of his organization The Missionaries of Jesus had harassed and tormented the nun and even revealed her photograph to the public, which was against the law.


Finally the five brave nuns were rewarded for their staunch perseverance by the public coming forward in large numbers throughout India, to help them fight their battle. Though even the Vatican, the Cardinal, the Kerala police and the Church bigwigs had not done anything to resolve the issue, finally the Bishop has stepped down from his post, as the Kerala police have called him for a second interrogation.


Thanks to the press, and particularly The Mirror, which was the first to dig out that the Missionaries of Jesus which was bleating and whining about the Bishop’s innocence and claiming he was being framed, was actually his own flock! The Mirror again, was the most persistent, most aggressive investigator, along with a few others, to force the police to finally do their job properly….


Now hopefully, the five nuns will get justice for their long vigil, even enduring the ghastly slander of the rape survivor nun, by the Kerala Independent MLA P.C. George who called her a prostitute and was soundly squashed by a stunned social media. They roared at his ‘potty mouth’ and urged him to shut up….


In this long and unnerving trial stained by political agendas, police dithering, the Church’s distressful arrogance, even the Vatican’s unnerving silence, what comes out like gold is the increasingly loud voice of the sensitive public – they all want justice for a nun who never gave up!


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