Cat-gardening Chronicles: putting my head down in shame for P.C. George MLA who shames brave nun for fighting against Bishop…


Kerala MLA P.C. George shames the brave nun fighting a fierce battle against  Bishop Franco Mulakkal for rape (whom Police have already named , in an affidavit to the Kerala High Court)  and saying many ugly, crude, crass things to add to this rotten behavior.

The nun who had gathered up courage after several months, to fight her battles, was shaken and torn by this filthy mouth and retreated into a shell….

I am cat-gardening and hanging my head in shame for P.C. George since he seems to have no shame at all for what he is always doing, shooting off his potty mouth, when he should be shutting up and locking himself in the loo.


Kerala is known to be one of India’s most progressive states where everyone seemingly has had an education. But somewhere down the line, the teachers of P.C. George in school and college, have either failed to teach him manners, decency and propriety, or else he was absconding from all his classes all through his life!


Whatever the truth is, we are all disgusted by this MLA P.C. George and hope that the ethics committee of the Kerala government will finally deal with his ghastly pitiful mouth…that needs to be washed out with soap and water..or with  carbolic acid?


Or should we compost his potty mouth in the garden?



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