Cat-gardening Chronicles:Buy one cat-gardener: GET ONE FREE!





If you cannot afford to employ a cat gardener, this limited offer might interest you: you can employ one and get one free!


This comes in very handy when you want to gobble up the newest dark, twisty,   thrillers Netflix is putting out! While you watch for instance The Invitation, a very dark film about a party which slowly goes bad and blood spills over the banquet,  your cat gardener will guard your green and white polka dot for you!


Or you might enjoy Gerald’s Game, a chilling   tale from Stephen King, about a couple playing love games in a small snug place which boils up and scuttles off into extremely uncomfortable  terrain. Then Amazon Prime showed us that a documentary can be more icy and enthralling than any fiction. This one is about Oscar Pistorius,  the famous or now infamous  sprint runner, also known as the Blade Runner of South Africa, who murdered his girl friend seemingly by accident. This is  a superior documentary especially as it draws us into the still darkly wounded heart of this country recovering from the brittle bones and poisonous graveyards of apartheid.


While some cat-gardeners tumble into a tiny snooze or two while the employer is spellbound by Netflix,  others give you important garden tips. Did you know that your patio heater emits about the same amount of carbon dioxide in four hours as the average car spews out in a whole day? It would be better for the planet to get rid of your patio heater and wear a warm jumper or a shawl!


Patio heaters are bad news! Experts say a single heater releases more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year than the average fuel-hungry 4×4 car.


Sprinklers too are not so good. They can useas much water in an hour as a family of four uses in a day!


Cat-gardeners themselves can show you how not to waste water while bathing! They never use this precious dwindling resource!


If you haven’t got room for a pond, you can grow water plants even in large containers to encourage wildlife. The water lettuce and the lotus are very good plants to fill up small ponds or vessels.

Make friends with zinnias, hibiscus, roses, chrysanthemums and marigolds to lure butterflies to your garden!


Cat-gardeners, whether you employ one or two, will always give you vital hints about how to use your garden for enchanting meditation!



a cat gardener will guard your green and white polka dot!



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    1. Oh Mary so glad you sent this! I have read all your marvellous blogs about the wonderful wedding but just could not press the like button as it was missing! WordPress seems to have removed all the like buttons. I loved all the pics, the marvellous stories, the sheer magic of family and love!

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