Cat-Gardening chronicles: Peaky Blinders & a lace dress

If you are applying for a cat-gardening job you cannot carry this photo with your portfolio!


Cat-gardening Chronicles: Hope’s Roses in darkness


If you are serious about starting your career as a cat-gardener, this is one photo you cannot take with you when you are being interviewed for the job. You should have your eyes open, and if possible, you should be gazing at some plant or the other. Just stick your nose inside a lemon grass, a spider plant or a begonia when the camera is doing its job.


Try to keep away from the water lettuce. It somehow lures sleep with its cool calming beauty.


Sometimes you can get away with very little work to do as the garden itself takes over. Three times in a week the horrible rat came at night, did not find any cat food to gobble up, so showed its anger by tearing up the prettiest plants. But the garden reminded us that all these plants are easy to replant and have always come up stronger than before.


The best example was the polka dots, followed by the spider plant, which have survived more than 7 attacks from rats. Then the plants themselves teach us about resilience, the power of courage and persistence. However creepy the enemy, we can beat it and rise up again, they seem to say.

P1390743 (2)

And of course rained upon roses always steal the show, unfairly, while we work hard to wash ourselves, and no one goes gaga over us. Like roses, we too heal hurts and sorrows and dreary days. We should be paid better.


Till then we raise our voice for growing more catnip in our little garden, to add to the Spiders and the lemon grass.


This week we discovered Peaky Blinders, on Netflix, which is a blood-curdling, gruesome, yet addictive gem from the BBC. It is surprising that we took so long to get to it. It is a period film about the brutal gang of thugs thriving in post-war Birmingham, England whose lives are entangled with the IRA, British cops, Churchill and all kinds of mayhem. Stylishly done, they will hold you firmly in their claws and you might begin to binge watch!


Gardening can find the lace dress that every sorrow wears, and shows us how to slip through that transparent design to come out on the other side where faith awaits..





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