Prince Pharma’s weird breast remedy cheats consumers….

Before you buy this breast cream sleep on it!

FSCN7639 (1)

The Prince Pharma (2 much breast cream) and Prince Pharma    2 much beauty capsule, being sold online for Rs. 1800 may be the worst shopping trip of your life! Not just because of these silly and stupid names, but more because the Advertising Standards Council of India has banned these ads as they are guilty of ignoring the Drugs and Magic Remedies Act. It forbids companies from selling their health products by making very false ‘magical’ claims.

These so called Ayurvedic products are being sold on You Tube by a very suspicious, creepy and corny sounding male voice, using sexually alluring female images despite the ASCI having banned the ads. So before you waste money on this awful product, check out the ASCI website below.




Prince Pharma (2 Much Breast Cream)

Claims Objected to:

  1. Ayurvedic medicated Cream
  2. For two-fold effect use it along

with 2

much beauty capsule


1. Please substantiate claims 1 and 2 with claim support data. The claim support data should not be internal or based on studies commissioned by Prince Pharma.

2. Please provide the evidence of efficacy of the product. Is it advisable to use the product without expert supervision? Please substantiate.

3. Please provide the details of the regulatory agency which has permitted the marketing of the product.

According to us, the advertisement contravenes Chapter 1.1 and 1.4 of ASCI code and the Drugs and Remedies Act. Action to be taken: We propose that the advertisement should be immediately withdrawn.



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