Walter Bushnell (Uriliser) tells tall tales about reducing renal stones, says ASCI

95 per cent reduction of renal stones? Prove it!


The Advertising Standards Council of India had to ban the advertisement put out by Walter Bushnell (Uriliser) which boasted that it was better than herbal preparations for treating renal stones. It even went further to claim it managed to give a 90 per cent prevention of urinary stones recurring for those who bought their product.

The ASCI discovered that none of these claims were proved by this firm and they had no clinical proof of it. The exaggerated claims made the ASCI ban this ad.

Walter Bushnell (Uriliser): The advertisement’s claims, “Superiority over herbal preparations” and “Decreases average renal stone burden as compared to herbal”, were not substantiated with comparative data for product efficacy with other herbal preparations in the same category. The claims “90% prevention of recurrence of Urinary Stones” and “Offers high stone remission rate of 94.4%”, were not substantiated with clinical evidence of product efficacy. The claims are misleading by exaggeration.



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