Cat-gardening chronicles: fleas and Black Spot from France!


Cat-gardening Chronicles: Black Spot not in roses but from France!


Buy one get one free is the nastiest con to fall for when you shop – unless it is for buying a cat-gardener! Two such workers will guard the hibiscus for you as you gobble up Black Spot, not the one affecting your roses.



This is a stupendous television chiller from France as good, even more creepy than La Mante!


It is all about this very weird dark village where the most horrendous murders, brutal fights, mysteries and mayhem occur. Luckily there is a very upright, very stubborn Mayor, a lady with intuition, who gets messages from her darker inner world who heads the quirky, small but smart police force. Then the new district attorney arrives, who suspects everyone and everything (a very interesting odd ball with a great sense of humor) to join and to rattle them and the terror and traumas begin inside the huge, black as coal forest with giant sized malignant seeming trees, a very scary black hole somewhere which sucks up people, or hangs them on tree branches….


This eight part thriller is one of the best treats Amazon Prime gifts you. You will even forget the guest visiting your hibiscus as you dig into this dollop of dread from France!


Watching You Tube is always a risk. Either you fall upon silly gossip or some odd remedy for fighting fleas which interests one of our gardeners. This one tells you to mix half a mug of Apple Cider Vinegar with half a mug of water and then to spray it on your cats! We know how to run away as fast as we can from this ill treatment. So perhaps the answer to whether this works or not, may not be forthcoming very soon. But don’t miss Black Spot. You may fall out of your sofa with delight…



No buy one get one free!

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