Greek Retail P. Ltd. Refollium Capsules may not bring back your hair overnight, says ASCI!

A good way to grow back hair is by washing it we think!

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The Advertising Standards Council had to ban the advertisement put out by Greek Retail P. Limited which made highly exaggerated and ridiculous claims to coax consumers with hair problems to buy their product. The ad promised hair regrowth overnight and also within a month. Both these tall claims were not made with any proof or verification!


Greek Retail P. Limited (Refollium Capsules): The advertisement’s claims, Refollium nourishes dying hair folic cells with essential nutrients, which naturally grows your hair overnight”, and “Regrow your hair within 30 days only”, were not substantiated with product efficacy data and are misleading by gross exaggeration. The

Press Release from ASCI

claim, “Dermatologists recommended”, was not substantiated with any details of survey data, criteria used for evaluation, questionnaires used, and name of the independent agency that conducted the survey, and is misleading by exaggeration.


These capsules are priced horrifyingly and could make you lose even your full head of hair! They could cost you anywhere between Rs. 999 for a bottle or even Rs. 25,000! The American Medical Association has warned consumers that there is no magic medicine that can cure balding!

There are already many consumers howling about being cheated and disappointed by this product online. So check it out before wasting your money. Remember how nice Ed Harris looks with his cool balding style!


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