Shape in Slimming Centre’s false advertisement banned by ASCI

Just drop off your extra bulges in the garden!P1330880


The Advertising Standards Council of India was not impressed by the advertisement put out by Shape in Slimming Centre of Ahmedabad which claimed to rid obese persons of their extra fat without medicine, surgery, crash diet or side effects.


This slimming centre also claimed to help a fat consumer lose one to four inches in just one session! But since it had no clinical evidence to prove its point the ASCI had to ban its advertisement.

From the ASCI website:

Shape in Slimming Centre: The advertisement’s claims, “No medicine, No surgery, No crash diet, No Side- effect, 100% result oriented”, and “1 to 4 inches loss in just one session”, were not substantiated with supporting clinical evidence and with treatment efficacy data, and are misleading by exaggeration and exploits consumers’ lack of knowledge.


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