Cat-gardening Chronicles and The Raid on Netflix!

The correct way to watch The Raid on Netflix Is this!




Cat-gardening CHRONICLES- dahlias & The Raid 1 & 2 on NETFLIX!


Cat-gardening fell on us hard this week as the gardener who waters the ivies and ferns fell into the dubious thrills of martial arts mayhem in The Raid 1 and 2. We felt that the best way to watch these thrillers is by snoozing while people who should know better watched in awe as millions of men killed millions of other men by slashing, stabbing, tearing apart, shooting, crushing, crumpling, crumbling and flinging them down from horribly high places!

P1340850 (1)

It seemed impossible that any of the actors in The Raid ever returned home to their wives or children alive, but apparently they made it, since Raid 2 appeared in Netflix on the next day like a gift to someone who had never seen martial arts and was hooked! This chiller showed us millions of other gruesome ways in which to murder, mash up, mangle and tear apart human beings. This one even had a very athletic, equally gory girl, pretty as a rose, but vicious as a Nazi, who tore up and trampled upon as many men as she could, till she too  alas came to a very ghastly end!


To survive this feast of horrifying, unsettling fury, with rivers of blood and gore lighting up the screen, we watched over the dahlias, the zinnias, the begonias etc. and chewed up lemon grass to get back our energy.


Lemon grass can be kept in a room to purify air, did you know that? But they should have a lot of sunlight there. Basil also purifies indoor air!


You should know that the humble onion great in all foods is also good for healing inflammation. Grate an onion with salt and turmeric, put it in a cloth, and gently massage the painful area with this fomentation.


Finally feed your cat gardeners with catnip once a day!




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