Oshun Food Products scares consumers with false ad about regular milk

We always sleep through false ads!

The Advertising Standards Council of India had to ban the dishonest advertisement put out by Oshun Food Products trying to scare consumers so they would worry about buying regular milk in the market. The idea is to promote their product.

The ASCI says that the company made these claims without having any proof about such statements.

From the ASCI website: Oshun Food Products Private Ltd (Native Milk): The advertisement’s claims related to disadvantages of A1milk – “Harmful A1 Beta Casein Protein found in most HF cow milk”, “Milk turned from elixir to poison”, “Difficult to digest (Lactose intolerance), diabetes, heart disease, female infertility” were not substantiatedwith any supporting data. The claims are misleading by gross exaggeration creating a fear in the consumer’s mind. The advertisement exploits consumers’ lack of knowledge and is likely to lead to grave or widespread disappointment in the minds of consumers.


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