butterfly 102 copy



Each and every scrubbed, solemn and

Shining keepsakes of my life, seemed to

Have got stashed inside Cappuccino’s Calm

That Tortoise Shell furry bundle of serenity

That befriended me on a terrace of cats where

She reigned like a resident scholar holding

Zen lessons totally free of cost though she

Never said no to a secret packet of catnip!

Inside her capacious fur coat of tenderness

Were stored all those treasures that burnish

My soul – the library habit that rescued me

From bad television shows, or walking 2 miles

Saving paper bags and parcels, and filling up

The dregs of mischief or misery in my dark

Grey journal, staying put on wounded days,

To reconnect with my heart’s inner music

Letting a book devour me as I sat alongside

Cappuccino as she kissed everything and me!

tortoise look

2 thoughts on “CAPPUCCINO’S kisses!

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