The Hibiscus Classroom



The Hibiscus Tuition


If I had fallen into a chasm of horrid poverty or just did not have the kind of cash to take in an expensive class to improve my prospects, I would just sign in for The Hibiscus Tuition. It is free, first of all, and it is on a first come first served basis so it makes me hurry to join, getting in a solid walk in the process to get to the Hibiscus patch in Lal Bagh where these flowers are always  bought up so fast it is good to reach there soon.


But then again, in the rain, this crazy flower that could be the mysterious cousin or niece of the rose, comes up overnight so you are never short of them. Trot up the next day and there will be another batch of teachers, freshly washed and wearing glittery garb, to make you swoon.


This very large hearted flower is like a  calm angel who does not even bother to compete with the rose. It just follows its own deft design that somewhat resembles a delicate plate or platter from a rich mansion, layered neatly and gifted that tiny bell in its centre that says something sweet to all of us






– that time is really short, and like it, we may be gone the next day, so it would be wise to drink up each hour with harmony’s juices.


It also offers you tea made from its body, that you can add to cloves, cinnamon, apple juice, orange peel, a dried Liquorice stick, or pineapple juice! It helps to heal minor stomach ailments, mild fevers etc. In India it is often added to curries and dals to add a delicious flavor to them. Herbalists use it as a shampoo and to treat women’s menstrual problems.


If not poverty, and it is agony attacking you, or grief clawing at your heart like a very ravenous rattlesnake, the Hibiscus Tuition works just as well. We only have to copy all its injunctions which are very simple.


Live each day as if it were your last and let calm envelope you like a blessing from your higher self that no-one can grab from you.

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